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 Ladies Encampment Auxiliary &
Unified Encampments




Alpha L.E.A #1

Surrendered Charter

Chief Matriarch:




Kent L.E.A. #15
Des Moines

Meets 2nd Friday
Recess: July & August
At 7:30 PM
Odd Fellows Hall
728 S. 225th St.


Chief Matriarch: Marcia Presley

Scribe: Betty Young

                                                                                                                                   26501  128th Ave SE

Kent, WA 98030-7980



Unique Unified Encampment #32

Meets 1st Tuesday
At 7:00 PM

Odd Fellows Hall
1420 N. Washington


Chief Matriarch: June Loder 

Scribe: Tim Moon
1420 N Washington
Spokane, WA 99201


H.P. Downs Unified Encampment #61
Camano Island

Surrendered Charter

Chief Patriarch:



Mt. Angeles #88
Port Hadlock

Meets 1st Monday
At 8:00 PM

Rebekah Hall
11323 Rhody Dr.


Chief Matriarch: Peg Ogilvie

Scribe: Judy Diekman, PGM
1373 NE 10th Ave  

Oak Harbor, WA 98030-7980 


Goldendale #99

Surrendered Charter 

Chief Matriarch:





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