What Would Odd Fellowship Do For Me?

It provides:

1. A more purposeful life.
2. A broadening of your mind.
3. Inner satisfaction money can’t buy.
4. Leadership training.
5. Community activities and participation.
6. Opportunities to help children and the elderly.
7. A warm welcome in strange cities and distant lands.
8. Good fellowship.
9. Enduring friendship.


The needs of our Order are three-fold, and therefore, so is membership.

First: To increase our membership, while at the same time obtaining active members rather than just social members.

Second: To recruit young, committed men and women.

Third: Getting our message for Friendship, Love and Truth out into the community.

This is a healthy OddFellow/Rebekah Lodge.
Helping People,
Inviting Friends, Relatives, and Neighbors to Lodge activities,

Explain OddFellowship to them and invite them to join our Order.

Membership Requirements

Any person of good and moral character over 16 years of age who believes in a Supreme Being, the Creator and Preserver of the Universe, is eligible to become an OddFellow.

An Active Lodge member must sponsor a prospective member.

To be eligible to hold the office of Vice Grand, the members must have received all degrees and have served two terms as an appointed or desk officer of the lodge. A candidate for Noble Grand must have served as Vice Grand.

A woman is not required to be a Rebekah to join an OddFellow Lodge.

Youth Membership

The jurisdiction of Washington requires candidates for the adult lodges to be 16 years old, but Lodges may set the age to be 16, 17 or 18.

Junior Lodges and Theta Rho clubs accept members from 8 years old.

Fees and Dues

Lodges charge an initiation fee and annual dues. The amount of dues is set by each lodge.