Odd Fellows

Kelly Hughes, Grand Master
Grand Lodge of Washington

2017 – 2018


kelly hughes photo.jpg

EmblemThe Claddagh. An Irish symbol that means Friendship, Love and Loyalty.  You can’t be loyal without Truth

Colors: Purple and Green

Flower: Lotus blossom. The beauty of a Lotus rises Lotus Blossom.pngabove the stagnant waters and mud.  WE need to rise above the stagnation in our Order and let our beauty shine.

Motto: Plan ahead – it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark!

Challenge: Go ROYAL! I challenge each member to get their heir and a spare in place. If each member brought in two new members, we wouldn’t just survive but we could flourish again.

Project: Raise for Rowyn.  This is an amazing organization that helps to pay funeral Raise For Rowyn logo.pngexpenses when a family experiences the tragedy of losing a child.  I know of two families in the order that have received assistance for the expenses of burying children.

They are part of Fred Meyer Community Rewards and Amazon Smile. When you designate Raise for Rowyn,  these organizations will make contributions based on your purchases.

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