Odd Fellow Lodges

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is one of the oldest and largest fraternities in the world. We are non-political and non-sectarian. Membership is open to all regardless of sex, race, religion, political affiliation and social status -all bound by the desire to improve ourselves and the calling to live and promote the principles of Friendship, Love, and Truth which transcends labels. We believe that by developing close friendships among each other and by working together in our communities, we can make a difference in the world and among ourselves!

Rebekah Lodges

The Rebekahs, also known as the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies (IARA), and originally the Daughters of Rebekah is an international service-oriented organization and a branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It was initially designed as the female auxiliary of the IOOF, but now allows both female and male members.

The general duties of the members of this unit are, “To live peaceably, do good unto all, as we have opportunity and especially to obey the Golden Rule, Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.”


The Odd Fellows Encampment is a higher branch in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Membership is open to all Third Degree members in good standing. The branch aims to further the work of Odd Fellowship and impart the principles of Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Ladies Encampment Auxiliary

The LEA or Ladies Encampment Auxiliary is open to any Rebekah in good standing and is the Rebekah equivalent of the Encampment. Members are called Matriarchs and the LEA Degree is based in Faith, Hope and Charity.

Theta Rho Girls’ Clubs

Theta Rho Girls’ Clubs are for girls between the ages of 8 and 21. The Theta Rho motto is “Happiness through Service”.

Patriarchs Militant and LAPM

The purpose of the Patriarchs Militant branch is such that its members are in full dress military uniforms and through participation in parades and public ceremonies which are designed to catch the eye of the public and thus further promote the Order. They are what is known as the showpiece of the Order and bring color and dignity in the formation of honor guards and color parties for other units.

The LAPM or Ladies Auxiliary of the Patriarchs Militant is open to any Rebekah Sister in good standing. It is the Rebekah equivalent of the Patriarchs Militant and is the highest Degree obtainable for a Rebekah. Members receive the title of Lady and wear a traditional nurse uniform and a royal purple cape lined in gold. One of its services to Odd Fellowship is providing first aid through their Hospital Corps.